Saturday, November 21, 2009

Could this be Charles Norman Beanland 1898-?


charles-beauland charles-beauland-back

There are a few Charles Beanlands in various census who this might be but only one in Lancashire. Of course that doesn’t have to mean he couldn’t have come from say Yorkshire or somewhere else to have his photograph taken.

Births Dec 1898
Beanland  Charles Norman     Manchester  8d 205

What you can see of his clothing suggests the photo was taken in the first half of the 1900s, also postcard photographs weren’t introduced in England until during the first decade of 1900, about 1907 or maybe earlier.

The photographer – Watson’s, Alhambra Studio, Morecambe (Lancashire) - were operating at least in 1916.

In 1894, British publishers were given permission by the Royal Mail to manufacture and distribute picture postcards, which could be sent through the post.

In 1907 Kodak created a service called “real photo postcards”, enabling people to make a postcard from any picture they took.

Working on that premise I looked for a Charles Beanland in the 1911 census living somewhere near Morecambe. This is the only Beanland family living in Lancashire:-

Reference RG14PN24241 RG78PN1391 RD467 SD4 ED9 SN337
1911 Census
3 Brookdall St, Failworth, Manchester (sic) (District: Prestwich Lancashire)
Charley Beanland head 47 mar 21 yrs wax dresser born Bradford YKS
Mary Elizabeth wife 40 mar 9 children 6 living born Staffordshire
Mary Jane dau 19 unm warper born Manchester LAN
Charles Norman son 12 school born Manchester LAN
Lilly dau 10 school born Manchester LAN
Florrie dau 8 school born Walkden LAN
Thomas son 5 school born Farnworth LAN
Albert son 3 school born Manchester LAN

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In 1901 the family are living at 44 Clara St, Newton, North Manchester, Google Maps doesn’t know that address but perhaps it’s in the Newton Rd, Failsworth area!

Charles Norman seems to have been married twice with at least one daughter from his second marriage:-

Marriages Sep 1920
Beanland  Charles N  English  Manchester  8d 577 (to Bertha English)

Marriages Jun 1949
Beanland  Charles N  Tracey  Manchester  10e 821 (to Elizabeth A Tracey)

Births Jun 1927
Beanland  Irene W  Oldham  8d 1244 (mother’s maiden name Tracey )


If you can help me identify Chas Beanland please leave me a comment and include your email address.